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Mango Shake

Posted: January 14, 2015 in Poetry

Kahit sulyap lang galing sa mapupungay mong mga mata,
Ako’y tila bang sa alapaap nakalutang,
Kislap ng mapuputing perlas ng iyong ngiti,
Idinuduyan sa langit ang aking pusong sabik..
Eto na nama’t tila tinadhanang nasilayang muli ang iyong ganda….
….at pareho pa tayo ng inorder… mango shake…. smile emoticon



Posted: December 2, 2012 in Poetry
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Posted: December 1, 2012 in My Artwork, Poetry


My first take at doing dark art photomanipulation.


Posted: November 30, 2012 in Poetry
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First Sonnet I made last Aug 21, 1998 @ 10:00PM… Enjoy!

She’s like a star that was so clear, so bright,
A rose among the thorns in the garden…
Her tender skin just like the snow, so white,
Her hair of velvet perfectly woven…
So nice, her eyes, that sparkles like the snow,
She’s precious just like silver, gold, and pearl…
Her smile, so sweet, emits a radiant glow,
She’s overwhelming and so sweet a girl…
And everytime i think of her cute face,
I felt I’m floating down a quiet lake…
As thoughts of her flows in my mind with grace,
I fly around the world for heaven’s sake…
If she’ll be mine just for a day or two,
I’ll give my life, my love so warm, so true…


Posted: November 30, 2012 in Poetry
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Killing her softly but her sorrow no one hears,
You’ll see that sleep’s the only freedom that she knows…
Rain falls down as her eyes fought back the tears,
Inside, her world is falling as she goes…
Each time her shoulders bore the weight of her fears,
Day and night the cold remain as it grows…
Even the midnight silence ring in her ears,
As long as the silent wind still blows…
May you let her cry, Yes, she’s a lady,
And let her dream for she is a child….
In time her wounds may heal maybe,
As a free and gentle flower growing wild…


Posted: November 30, 2012 in Poetry
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Because of You… Yes You…. You know who you are…

I want to believe in an Afterlife..
I want to believe in Reincarnation…
I want to believe in Parallel Worlds…
I want to believe in Time Travel…

So that when i die…

I’ll have the chance to find you in Heaven…
… I’ll have a chance to live again in another time to be with you…
I’ll have the chance to meet you in another World…
I’ll have the chance to go back in time so that i can make sure we’ll be together…

For you are my Soulmate…but doomed in this World…
in this Time… To live our lives never to have the chance to be together….

If only I have the chance….

I’ll ride with you…
In a World where everything moves at the speed of light…
Where we could kiss in the shadows…
In a frozen embrace that will never let go…

‘Til Eternity….

The Tree

Posted: November 29, 2012 in Poetry

floating in nothingness
time passes by
seems like forever
consumed by the darkness
won’t even try
made my bones shiver
let me
then you are there
like a beacon
arms stretched open
hope still lingers
blood from the thorns
dripped on white
tree of death