Posted: November 30, 2012 in Poetry
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First Sonnet I made last Aug 21, 1998 @ 10:00PM… Enjoy!

She’s like a star that was so clear, so bright,
A rose among the thorns in the garden…
Her tender skin just like the snow, so white,
Her hair of velvet perfectly woven…
So nice, her eyes, that sparkles like the snow,
She’s precious just like silver, gold, and pearl…
Her smile, so sweet, emits a radiant glow,
She’s overwhelming and so sweet a girl…
And everytime i think of her cute face,
I felt I’m floating down a quiet lake…
As thoughts of her flows in my mind with grace,
I fly around the world for heaven’s sake…
If she’ll be mine just for a day or two,
I’ll give my life, my love so warm, so true…


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